Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

 834 North 100 East, Lehi, UT 84043 -- The studio is located on the second floor.

Do you provide lighting?

We are a natural light studio and use available light from our large windows for the main source of light. We also have skylights that provide additional ceiling light! You are also welcome to bring in your own lighting or reflectors. Please remember that lighting will changed based on the weather and time of year.

How much does it cost to rent the studio?

You can find all of our rental options under our “RENTALS” tab! We also offer punch passes and a monthly subscription package.

What time is best to photograph in studio?

Mornings and midday will provide soft ambient light; late afternoon and evenings provide more shadows and dramatic lighting.

How large is the studio?

Our studio offers 1350 square feet of beautiful shooting space!

Can I use the furniture?

Yes! We have many beautiful pieces for your use! We only ask that you pick things up to move them, as dragging scratches our floors easily and badly! If you plan to use the bed for a session please be aware that although we have bedding in studio we cannot guaranty how clean it will be, so we suggest bringing your own, our bed is queen sized. Please put all pieces back where they were when you arrived.

Where can I park?

You can park right in front of the studio, we have ample street parking available!

Are styled shoots/events allowed?

Yes, this type of session falls under a special rental rate “Styled Rental”.

Do you offer lease options for full/part time photographers?

Yes we do! You can find more information under our “LEASE” tab!

How many people can I have in studio for a photo shoot?

No more than 25 people are permitted for a family photo shoot; please inquire for details on dance photography.

Do you have a heating and AC and electrical outlets?

Yes we do, the studio is heated and cooled according to the time of year.